Harness discipline and surrender to find flow, ease, and joy.

90-min Healing Session

This one-time session is perfect if you are looking to gain clarity around or resolve a specific issue or decision. You will leave feeling lighter, more aligned, and anchored in trust with specific actions to take.

Get Out of Your Head And Into Your Body 

Embodied Groove

The Live Experience

Embodied Groove was created by Dr. Leah Taylor to enhance mindfulness and presence, help you release stress and somatically held trauma, and connect you to pleasurable ways of moving your body.

Meet the Creator of Embodied Groove Dr. Leah Taylor

You can call me Leah.

I work with individuals and groups guiding and supporting you in the most simple, effective, and fun mind-body-spirit practices and strategies for radiant health and wellbeing. 

My journey to embodiment and radiant health began on the dance floor at live music, really by accident. I was originally there for the party, but soon discovered the deeper power of positive emotions, flow, deep connection, and spirituality.

What musicians and participants are saying about Embodied Groove:

“Leah’s guidance was non-invasive, gentle, and warm. It allowed people to experience the movement of their bodies in an environment that lacked judgment, was freeing, and fun.”

Kimmie Jones, Fan

“I have to say the effect of the Embodied Groove set was palpable from the moment we got on stage. It felt like the crowd was fully locked in and engaged with the music.”

Peter Sawyer, Brightshine

“My experience with Leah’s Embodied Groove was really positive. It took me from a mundane morning of plotting and planning into a blissful state of “living in the moment.”

Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, ALO

“Dancing is one of the best ways I know for aligning mind, body, and spirit. Embodied Groove takes this concept to the next level by combining structure and focus with the flow, movement, and deep listening.”

Zach Gill, ALO & Jack Johnson

“I found my body waking up and transitioning to playful rhythmic movement and eventual full-on communal dance party with any remaining hesitations or residual self-consciousness dissolved.”

Ezra Lipp, ALO

“With steady and grounded direction, Leah guides participants to experience movement and the body in ways that lift the spirit and brings peace and gratitude to the soul.”

Marcy Irene Jenkins, Fan

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