Get Out of Your Head And Into Your Body 

Embodied Groove

Out of the Shadows & Into the Light

Release, Renew, Recharge whenever you need

Live music is back but times are different. You have been through so much and as much as you need your live music medicine, it might feel a little awkward and stressful now. 

Maybe you’ve been thinking things think this…

What if I lost my groove after not dancing to live music for over a year?

I don’t know if I’m ready to be close and sweaty around a bunch of people right now. 

I hope I remember how to be around people!

I don’t want to be thinking negative thoughts, I just want to have a good time!

I’d rather keep watching live streams for a while, but I really miss getting down to live music.

Imagine arriving to a show confident and relaxed, without having to take a pill or alcohol to calm your nerves.


  • Knowing exactly how you will handle stressful situations
  • Feeling aligned to your highest and brightest self
  • Loose and ready to surrender to the flow, while still feeling present and grounded

Or being able to dance as hard as you can in your living room feeling free and euphoric if you choose to stay home instead. 

Embodied Groove ™: Out of the Shadows & Into the Light is a virtual dance experience designed to align you to your highest and brightest self and open you up to fully receive the medicine of live music.

The only virtual dance experience designed for live music fans to ditch the pre-show jitters and align you to the brightest version of your sparkly show self. Whether you go to a show or just rock out in your living room! 

You’ll learn how to:

1. Release stress and anxiety so you can feel what you really want to experience (magic, connection, community, bliss, all the live music feels…)

2. Learn how to best receive live music medicine and encode it into your body for lasting results that extend beyond show!

What’s Included:

  • 4 Virtual Embodied Groove ™ classes (2 to release and let go & 2 to realign with your unique glow)

1. Move Your Grief
2. Embody Your Goddess
3. Shake it Off
4. Express Yourself

Each class is around 20 minutes and can be used on its own as a full body warm-up before a show or festival or as a regular movement practice to connect you to the live music feels when you can’t be there in person. 

  • 3 Mind-Body Practices proven to reduce stress and anxiety
  • An intro with clear instructions on how to best use these videos by Dr. Leah Taylor, creator of Embodied Groove ™
  • Special Bonus Create Your Own Pre-Show Ritual
    Dr. Leah Taylor shares the exact components of her pre-show ritual designed to release low frequency vibrations and emotions and enhance and elevate your show experience every time!

Get instant lifetime access for only $27!

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Meet the Creator of Embodied Groove ™, Dr. Leah Taylor

Hi, I’m your Embodied Groove ™ instructor, Dr. Leah Taylor. Dance and music have always been a huge part of my life. My dad owned a music store when I was growing up, so I always had the latest music at my fingertips. I spent countless hours rocking out and choregraphing dances to Cyndi Lauper, Bon Jovi, George Michael, Madonna, and Tina Turner as a young girl.

The first time I ever had my body rocked to live music was Rusted Root when I was 18. My whole body was broken open by the percussive rhythms like I had never experienced with the recorded music from my childhood. I felt as if everything in my body was shaken up, released, and renewed. It was my first spiritual soul cleanse.

A few months later, I attended my first Phish show and I was hooked by the live music scene. The music of Phish and the community taught me how to dance with abandon, wild & free without caring what others thought. This led to other live music and now, 25 years later, I am still rocking out to live music liberated and joyful.

Since that first Rusted Root show in 1997, I have been dedicated to discovering the specific benefits and meaning live music holds for fans. I have a MA in Somatic Psychology and a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine. I have conducted research on the benefits of live music and co-host a podcast, Groove Therapy, on Osiris Media focused on connecting health and wellness with the live music experience.

I am trained in the Nia Technique and have been a movement teacher for over 15 years. I have extensive training in embodiment and bring this knowledge as well as my expertise in Mind-Body Medicine to the creation of Embodied Groove ™.

Embodied Groove ™ was originally designed as a movement experience with live musicians creating music in the moment, inspired by the movement. Once COVID hit, I had to get creative, and took Embodied Groove ™ virtual, using pre-recorded instrumental music from some of the Bay Area’s finest musicians. These virtual classes were live streams recorded during this time and I am grateful they can now be used to help you feel the feelings you forgot and get back into the groove!

What musicians and participants are saying about Embodied Groove ™:

Freeing & Fun!

Leah’s guidance was non-invasive, gentle, and warm. It allowed people to experience the movement of their bodies in an environment that lacked judgment, was freeing, and fun.

Kimmie Jones


Palpable Effect

I have to say the effect of the Embodied Groove set was palpable from the moment we got on stage. It felt like the crowd was fully locked in and engaged with the music.

Peter Sawyer


Melding Music & Movement

My experience with Leah’s Embodied Groove was really positive. It took me from a mundane morning of plotting and planning into a blissful state of “living in the moment.”

Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz


Make it part of my life!

Dancing is one of the best ways I know for aligning mind, body and spirit. Embodied Groove takes this concept to the next level by combining structure and focus with flow, movement and deep listening.

Zach Gill

ALO & Jack Johnson

Grounded and Recharged

I found my body waking up and transitioning to playful rhythmic movement and eventual full on communal dance party with any remaining hesitations or residual self-consciousness dissolved.

Ezra Lipp


A Deep & Rich Experience

With steady and grounded direction, Leah guides participants to experience movement and the body in ways that lift the spirit and brings peace and gratitude to the soul.

Marcy Irene Jenkins


Get instant lifetime access for only $27!

*All sales are final.