Get out of your head and into your body

Embodied Groove was created by Dr. Leah Taylor and designed to enhance mindfulness, integrate mind-body-spirit, help you release stress and somatically held trauma, and connect you to pleasurable ways of moving your body.

Embodied Groove is a full mind-body-spirit experience combining the powerful integrative practices of movement, mindfulness, and music to activate the release of the body’s natural “happy chemicals,” dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and endocannabinoids. These are considered the “neurochemicals of happiness” and help to create positive lasting change for elevated health and wellbeing.

Praise from Musicians

Palpable Effect!

I have to say the effect of the embodied groove set was palpable from the moment we got on stage. It felt like the crowd was fully locked in and engaged with the music.

P. Sawyer, Brightshine

Melding Music & More!

My experience with Leah’s Embodied Groove was really positive. It took me from a mundane morning of plotting and planning into a blissful state of “living in the moment.”

D.”Lebo” Lebowitz, ALO

Make it part of my life!

Dancing is one of the best ways I know for aligning mind, body and spirit. Embodied Groove takes this concept to the next level by combing structure and focus with flow, movement and deep listening.

Z.Gill, ALO & J. Johnson

Grounded and Ready

I found my body waking up and transitioning to playful rhythmic movement and eventual full on communal dance party with any remaining hesitations or residual self-consciousness dissolved.

Ezra Lipp, ALO & MITO

A Deep & Rich Experience

Embodied Groove opens the portal to another dimension of sensation and deepens the connection between performers and audience in remarkable ways.

J. Lebowitz Jenstar Productions

Deep Connection

I saw Leah take a group of strangers and swirl them into a moving, smiling, vibrating mass. I connected with my toes, my legs, my eyeballs, my booty in ways I never had. I want to invite Leah to every party.

Nat Keefe, Hot Buttered Rum

Open Every Show

The Embodied Groove was the PERFECT way to start the show! We wish we could open every show the same way!!


“I have worked with Leah and her initiative, intentions, and delivery of programs are all first rate. We have collaborated at Camp Navarro and at Camp Deep End and she always has fresh and new ideas combined with a real understanding of who her audience is and how to get maximum impact. I always look forward to collaborating with Leah!”

Dan Braun, Director Camp Navarro, and Director of Camp Deep End music festival

Praise from Participants

“I began to reconnect, through music and movement, with vital energy that had waned, with hope that had seemed out of reach. I started to heal, to manifest growth, to find a path forward that included joy. It’s hard to find words for the ‘rescued’ I felt. But it was a rescue, and I am ever grateful to Leah and Embodied Groove for that light shone in the darkness.”

– Ramona Lappier

“Leah’s guidance was non-invasive, gentle, and warm. It allowed people to experience the movement of their bodies in an environment that lacked judgment, was freeing, and fun.”

Kimmie Jones

“With steady and grounded direction, Leah guides participants to experience movement and the body in ways that lift the spirit and brings peace and gratitude to the soul.”

Marcy Irene Jenkins

“With steady and grounded direction, Leah guides participants to experience movement and the body in ways that lift the spirit and brings peace and gratitude to the soul.”

Marcy Irene Jenkins

Embodied Groove

at music festivals

Embodied Groove

at music festivals

“When you can find freedom on the dance floor, you can 
experience freedom in your life.” 


                                                                                                  – Dr. Leah Taylor

Embodied Groove Cornerstones:

Healing and Growth: Teaching people to allow music to flow through them, loosening rigidity, liberating their bodies, healing somatically held trauma, and releasing unwanted somatic holding patterns. Helping participants increase their capacity to feel and hold strong emotions of love, surrender, joy, awe, and gratitude that can broaden and build their emotional resiliency and inner resources.

Integrative Medicine: Utilizing ancient forms of healing in music, voice, and dance partnered with mindfulness and intention towards healing and growth. Live music and dance are the oldest forms of medicine. Our culture has forgotten how to dance freely, how to move to the beat without being consumed by thoughts of what it looks like. Embodied Groove helps liberate bodies in fun and joyful ways for release and renewal.

Enhancing Connection: When we move together to live music, we can experience the process of self-other merging and collective joy. Embodied Groove helps to consciously enhance these processes in easy and fun ways for increased empathy and compassion towards others.

Raising the Vibe: Embodied Groove connects groups of people together through group flow that raises the vibe of any intentional gathering!

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