Dr. Leah Taylor, High Priestess Healer presents…

Embody Your Goddess: 12 weeks to embody ease, flow, and magnetism as your norm

Imagine it could be this GOOD… 

Guided by intuition, knowing exactly what you need at any given moment

Full confidence in giving it to yourself, because you honor yourself and your needs  

Magnetizing what you need in life because that’s just what you do

Grounded, vibrant energy as your norm

Fully present for your clients, your family, and yourself

I’m sharing all my juicy secrets for embodying the radiant goddess within, combined with sisterhood support for you to soar!

Can you relate?

You’re living life on auto-pilot, pushing pleasure off until the “right time”

You put others first and have difficulty setting boundaries

That inner voice keeps saying you deserve more, but can’t figure out how to get it 

Your mind is constantly running and hardly ever quiets down

You’ve read the books, purchased the things, but nothing has changed

You’re tired of pushing yourself to the side and are ready to commit to the life you’re here to live

I used to be the same way. Living life on auto-pilot, just trying to get all the sh*t done. Doing my best to live healthy the way I thought I “should.” Things were hard, nothing came easy, and I couldn’t get out of my own head. I knew there was a better way.

One day, I was so fed up, I decided to invest in myself and hire a coach to help me. We started with mindset to get a handle on all the mind-chatter that was keeping me small and living in fear. Over time, I paid attention to what I did want more of instead of what I didn’t, and I made an effort to bring more pleasure and joy into my life.

Today I get to bring you my years of practice in embodying my feminine with masculine structure combined with my expertise in integrative health and wellbeing so you can skyrocket to living life in ease, flow, and pleasure as your norm.


Full-bodied presence that turns heads wherever you go.

The confidence to claim authority in your life – life responds to you!

Deeper connections in relationships, including the one with yourself.

Unwavering trust that the life you desire was meant for you.

Ease and flow come naturally.

The ability to say no without regrets.

While going through a divorce and starting a business during the pandemic, Natalie learned deep self-compassion by redefining what “busy” and “success” look like, treating her body as the temple that it is, and not beating herself up for taking time for herself. She learned how to be gentle and kind to herself and how to choose to be the best version of herself each day.


Working as a nurse during the pandemic, Stacy used the tools she learned each day to fill her cup as she was stretched, tested, and run ragged. But she did not cave, she did not get sick, and she did what she needed to care for herself because she learned the importance of discipline and surrender, of following pleasure and joy, and how to utilize the mind-body connection for optimal health and wellbeing.

What you receive

  • Nurture your own inner goddess through a balance of disciplined practices and feminine flow guided by pleasure
  • Connect with Universal goddess energy
  • Extensive content library with guided meditations & mind-body practices (energetic work, embodiment tools, tapping, breathwork, movement, and heart-rate variability training
  • Live opening party and celebration
  • 3 monthly modules: Nurture your Vessel, Guided by Pleasure, Balancing Discipline, and Surrender to Live in Flow
  • 12 live calls (3 a month) focused on nutrition, movement, and mindset with myself and a guest expert
  • Journal prompts to feel, heal, and elevate you to goddess status
  • Online community for connection, support, and accountability
  • Monday through Friday voice to voice support through Voxer
  • Live ending party and celebration


Embody Your Goddess Embodied Groove Class

Goddess Playlist


$2888 pay in full 

3 payments of $965

The workshop with Dr. Leah Taylor was fun and most importantly life-changing for me. It was just the exercise that I needed to let my stifled creativity loose and light a path that wasn’t clear to me before that day. When I signed up for the workshop, I felt lost in the midst of a life transition. I knew I needed to find my way and do something but didn’t know what. I had zero clarity, just a hunch. Today, I know exactly what I want to do, and I have faith that the Universe is here to support and provide for me.”     Melanie Mummert 


“I write this on the second anniversary of my mother’s passing and two years since the world as we knew it came to a surreal standstill. My grieving remains in process, but I credit Embodied Groove and Dr. Leah Taylor with helping me, quite literally, ‘move through’ this period of trauma and loss. Just days after my mother died, I happened upon an Embodied Groove dance session online. In the safe space of an internet connection and my own living room, I began to reconnect, through music and movement, with vital energy that had waned, with hope that had seemed out of reach. I started to heal, to manifest growth, to find a path forward that included joy. It’s hard to find words for the ‘rescued’ I felt. But it was a rescue, and I am ever grateful to Leah and Embodied Groove for that light shone in the darkness.” – Ramona Lappier


“Working with Dr. Leah has given me the tools to assess my needs independently of the world around me and gave me the confidence to slow down and take what I need.” – Shawn Neese


“Through working with Dr. Leah, I found inspiration, motivation, tools, and support to create a healthy morning routine for myself. This makes a positive impact on the tone of my day and allows me to be more present with and to those around me.”   – Stacey Ulep

Why me…

I have lived this. I used to be fearful, in the shadows, always worried about what people think. Now I claim my High Priestess Healer status and lead an aligned life guided by pleasure, joy, and ease. 

I have done the work and now I get to teach you how with…

Ph.D. training in cutting-edge tools and techniques that transform you from the inside out

Extensive training in embodiment and goddess energy

15+ years of teaching movement

12+ years holding space for others’ transformations

20+ years experimenting with what works, what doesn’t, and creating the formula to ascend you to goddess status 

It’s your time, goddess!

Space is limited