Having a personalized mind-body-spirit routine that works for your lifestyle establishes a baseline of peace, calm, and clarity that heals anxiety, chronic stress, insomnia and creates a sense of personal power that is unshakable.

Can You Relate?

I can relate because I used to be there too. It wasn’t until I did the deep inner work and healing that I was able to find that unwavering inner balance that creates unshakable inner power.

I took on everything for everyone else because I knew I was strong and I could handle it. On the outside that was how it looked, a strong and capable woman doing it all and accomplishing so much.

But on the inside, I was miserable. My mind was a mess. Full of constant beratement of myself and judgement of others. My body was bloated and uncomfortable. I was overweight and disconnected between my head and the rest of my body. I craved spiritual connection and considered myself a spiritual person, but my life didn’t reflect that.

I was relying only on myself because I didn’t fully trust anyone else. The truth was, I didn’t trust myself either.

My path to mind-body-spirit alignment happened very slowly over many years of focusing first on my physical health, then my mental health, and finally my spiritual health. I wish I had a guide that could have showed me how to put them all together at once.

I would have landed where I am now much quicker!

During my journey to wholeness, I was so fascinated by the mind-body-spirit connection I decided to get a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine. That means I learned everything they don’t teach about in medical school… How our thoughts and beliefs impact our health. The importance of regular exercise, stress management, meditation, and spiritual practices. How to harness the mind-body connection for healing and positive change over taking medications that are just temporary band aids.

Luckily, I was required to practice everything I learned in my classes, and I gathered a lot of tools in my toolkit.

It wasn’t just the tools that got me to my current level of mental, emotional, and physical health. It was the combination of personalized practices, group support, and healing.

Tools can change your mental, emotional, and physical baseline if practiced consistently, but it’s the group container and healing of limiting patterns, beliefs, and energetic attachments in the way of your growth that really make the difference.

That’s why so many people know what they need to do but they don’t do it!

It wasn’t until I did the deep inner work and healing that I was able to find that unwavering inner balance that creates unshakable inner power.

That is what I am here for, and I know you are too!

Dr. Leah Taylor

Here’s some examples from my clients…

Donna came to me after suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety for over ten years. It was affecting her life so much she would only leave the house for doctor’s appointments; she did all her shopping online. Through our work together, she created a consistent morning practice that placed her in charge of her thoughts and emotions from the very start. She learned tools she could use throughout the day to bring her back to this baseline easily. She worked on her energy leaks and set strong boundaries. She healed old patterns, released negative attachments, and let go of people and behaviors that weren’t in alignment with her new way of being. She gained confidence and started leaving the house. She decreased her medication use and established a regular workout routine after not moving her body for years.

Enid was suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, and insomnia when we started working together. I helped heal her nervous system, which had a positive effect on her stress, anxiety, and insomnia. She was more relaxed, brighter, and hopeful. She started being social again, her memory and concentration improved, and she stopped lashing out at her friends and family. Most importantly, she finally felt like herself again. She became more hopeful of the future and had the courage to leave a job that was creating chronic stress and emotional turmoil. This allowed her to start her own company with her son.




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