Free Your Mind is the 6-week online group program for anyone desiring a natural way to improve sleep, heal anxiety, manage stress & enhance mood.

Can You Relate?

I used to be the same way, always overthinking, second guessing myself, and talking myself out of things because of fear and anxiety!

Learning how to train my brain and work with my thoughts has made THE MOST difference in my life for healing my anxiety, releasing fear and doubt, and cultivating a compassionate relationship with myself and the people around me.

My Mindfulness and Meditation class in my PhD program was what opened my eyes to how much my thoughts controlled me and how hard I could be on myself!

This was the door that led me down the path of a consistent mindfulness practice coupled with the embodiment techniques that I include in Free Your Mind.

As a perpetual worrier, planner, and people pleaser, I’ve had to literally train my brain to operate in a different way that actually supports my health and wellbeing.

I did this by combining scientifically validated techniques I was learning like mindfulness, nervous system regulation, breathwork, and somatic practices coupled with my inherent skill of listening to my body and adjusting based on intuitive guidance. 

Now I’m aware of my thoughts as they come up and can instantly work with them to create a new story. One that puts ME in charge and focuses on the reality I want to create, not the fearful story my primitive brain tries to tell me to keep me safe.

I combine all of this for you in Free Your Mind in an easy to understand format with live support as you train your brain and shift your baseline from anxiety, worry, and underlying fear to a new baseline of peace, hope, and balance that creates resilience for those stressful times and a strong grounded presence that you and everyone around you can trust.

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I have taught hundreds of people just like you not only how to establish an embodied awareness practice that can transform your life, but also how to live those concepts every day so you become a more relaxed, confident, happy person.

Here’s some examples from my clients…

Kat had tried to practice mindfulness and meditate consistently before Free Your Mind, but she was never successful in sustaining her practice. Her anxiety plagued her on a daily basis and she tried to get out of her head swirl, but to no avail. Free Your Mind helped Kat tackle her anxiety. She started being more present in her life and took time each day to prioritize present moment peace instead of the constant to-do lists or things her head tried to tell her she needed to worry about. Kat knows this is an ongoing practice and way of being and now she feels confident in sustaining it!



Before Anne started Free Your Mind, her mental health had suffered greatly over the previous year as she pushed her needs to the side to assist with family needs. There was stress and constant worry, every minute of the day. She ignored herself and her health suffered. During Free Your Mind, she committed to making time for herself and her mindfulness practice each day. She learned to pay attention to her body and its needs. By the end of the six weeks, her sleep greatly improved. She learned to sit with herself and her experience - the thoughts, emotions, everything that comes up when you go inside, even though she was terrified of what she might discover by “going deep.” Anne found peace inside herself and strengthened her relationships with others through becoming a better listener.



The biggest gift I've received from the Free Your Mind program and from cultivating a daily embodied awareness practice has been the easy access and ability to tap into the present moment at any time. Whether it's to help relax and unwind at the end of a busy day, to calm my nerves when dealing with an upsetting or stressful situation, just to enjoy a delicious bite of food or the beauty of the sights, sounds, scents of the world around or to set a positive tone for the day ahead, my new embodied awareness practice is a magical tool that brings me peace, presence, joy and comfort.


6 weekly modules to establish a consistent embodied awareness practice & understand how and why it's changing your brain for good

2 guided meditations to improve sleep and focus to use as soon as you enroll + more provided during the program.

2 Live Q&A Calls

Community Access & Support

Next round starts Jan 2024


... And receive a Bonus Meditation for Nervous System Healing


Total $366
($122 x 3 Payment Plan)

It's Time to Experience and Embody the Presence, Peace, and Freedom You Desire!

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