An 8-week Mastermind to Activate Your Natural Vibrancy through Doing Less and Enjoying More.

Blissful Everyday is for the woman juggling all of life’s demands tired of the toll it’s taking on her physical and mental health. 

What if the key to radiant health wasn’t about trying harder or doing more?

What if it was about doing less and enjoying more?

Achieving a vibrant, aligned state is within your grasp, and it’s attainable Every. Single. Day.

But not in the way you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Society teaches us to grind, hustle, produce, and then, maybeee, we’ll get a reward. We’re bombarded with the mantra, “work hard, push through, don’t want too much or you’ll just be disappointed.”

So we settle. We accept “meh” and we keep on pushing, striving, and secretly wishing we could have more, because settling sucks and leaves us longing for something just out of reach.

The problem with this cycle of escape is that it puts the solution outside of yourself, something you’re constantly chasing. Still leaving you unfulfilled.

The secret is...

Everything you need is already within you.

You just have to learn to listen & give.

Without guilt, without shame.

Simply because it feels good.

Sounds simple?

I wish it was. In reality, seeking solutions outside of ourselves is deeply conditioned in us and going against that can be challenging.

We’re taught to hand over our authority to experts—doctors, trained practitioners, or anyone who claims superior knowledge.

The truth is, you are the master of your own body, your needs, and desires.

Only you truly know what’s best for you.

When you learn to hone and nourish that inner listening skill, you can filter out the noise and focus on what gets you results.

Natural vibrancy IS feeling good.

When you genuinely feel good, you radiate that energy.

Notice those who exude vitality with a relaxed body and sparkle in their eyes —
 they not only look good but feel good too. A bright internal flame tended from within.

That's the essence of vitality.

Radiance that’s not fleeting but available to you every single day because it was cultivated inside through following what feels good consistently which creates a cascade of blissful moments that add up to radiant health and natural vibrancy.

Once you discover this inner feeling, you can harness it throughout your life.

Through doing less and enjoying more!

Imagine how empowering that feels. How freeing this will be.

Elisabeth Wales


It’s time to let go of the external chase and embody your…

An 8-week mastermind to activate natural vibrancy

through doing less and enjoying more.

My Promise to You...

This is not another cookie cutter program. There are no exact steps to finding bliss.
I will help you find your way.

You won’t have to purchase any fancy equipment or supplements you need to keep taking to feel good. You will have your internal pharmacy with you all the time.

You don’t have to be perfect. It’s not about perfect. It’s about finding just right, for you.

You won’t have to fake your feelings. This is about feeling it all. You will be able to feel your anger, frustration, worry AND know how to shift back into feeling good.

What you will learn:

What you will experience:

What you can expect after:

Throughout my life, I felt trapped in a relentless cycle of pressure. It started in school, striving for perfection in all areas. I’d push through the week to get everything done to the highest degree. But by the weekend, I was toast. My release? Weekends filled with parties, drinking, and recreational drugs. And Mondays filled with mood swings, guilt, and unending anxiety. All the consequences of a weekend seeking desperate relief from the pressure’s of life.

This chase continued well into adulthood. Even with my accomplishments and beautiful life, my day-to-day felt unfulfilled. I tried so many things to help myself feel better (therapy, dieting, exercise, yoga, living for live music relief and vacations) but still, true happiness eluded me.

My solution was surface level, lasting only a few minutes or hours. But inside? No true radiance.

This continued into my PhD program in Mind-Body Medicine until I discovered the balance to the release I was always chasing – the discipline of bringing peace and joy into the everyday through the mind-body practices I was learning in each class.

I was required to consistently practice all the scientifically validated techniques I was learning like meditation, mindful movement, guided imagery, the Emotional Freedom Technique, self-hypnosis, and heart-rate variability training.

Over two years of coursework, I healed my nervous system from chronic stress and anxiety. This sustained relief offered the opportunity to experience something new – actually feeling good on a daily basis.

Until… a house fire displaced my family for over a year a half.

All of a sudden, the techniques alone weren’t enough. I was back in survival mode, solely focused on keeping my family and myself safe, and after that, completing my dissertation research and writing my dissertation. 

It was all too much for my system and I had my first panic attacks ever. Even though I knew all I had learned throughout my PhD and Master’s in Somatic Psychology.

At that time, six years ago, I took a bold step to shake things up. I knew I needed more than just relaxation and nervous system healing. I needed emotional healing and activation of life force energy.

I made a resolution to prioritize following what felt good. My mind warned me this might just be hedonism in disguise. 

This went against everything I was taught in being a “good girl.”

But to my surprise, things actually changed. I became happier, more relaxed, more empathetic, and filled with hope. That entire year, as I put my emotional health at the forefront, the change was visible: brighter skin, a healthy weight, soaring energy, a balanced mood, vibrancy that people around me took notice of, and no more panic attacks!

I'd finally discovered my Radiance.

Over the years, I’ve tweaked my practices for the season I’m in and mastered my ability to listen to what my body needs in any given moment, guided by what feels good!

Now I don’t have to rely on anything outside of myself to experience the relief I desperately desired.

I know exactly how to tap into it naturally every single day and it’s my top priority.

Instead of feeling desperate, I now feel confident and balanced.

Now I'm here to help you do the same!

What’s included:

$2222 Pay in Full
Or 4 bi-weekly payments of $559

Client Testimonials

Leah is a true gem. She has such a lovely, positive, kind, empathetic energy. You can tell she truly cares about each person she works with and really wants us to find our true balance and happiness. She doesn’t project what she considers a healthy, balanced life, but helps each individual find what they desire for themselves and helps you achieve that.
Claire P.
The content Dr. Leah shares is super digestible. Other teachers I have worked with take a concept and overcomplicate it so it's not relatable to my life. Dr Leah makes things like how our brain and emotions work easy to understand so it actually creates lasting change!
Kat O.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Mastermind has three main elements.

  1. A group of like-minded people coming together that can activate, inspire, and support each other in a common goal.
  2. It’s high touch with the mentor. That means you get more of my energy focused on helping you achieve your goals.
  3. It’s intimate. I am capping this one at 8. This gives you personalized attention so you get results

That is the ultimate goal, but most people don’t, for many reasons. Likely you have tried and it
didn’t stick. This 8 week Mastermind will serve as the kickstart you need to create a Blissful
Everyday life. You can continue to be supported by the other participants after, if you choose, as
you continue to make this a lifestyle.

We heal through being in relation with others. In a group that is created with safety and support.
That is my job as a trained therapist and I do it well. Not only do you heal through being seen by others, you realize you’re not alone in your challenges by witnessing others on their journey. When we realize we’re not alone in our struggles and there’s a group of people going
through similar circumstances and choosing to better themselves, that can be the catalyst for
exponential growth.

It’s less about the amount of energy you put in and more about the consistency. Even if you tap into the community and teachings for 15 minutes a day, your physiology will change. This is how sustainable change is created. A little bit every day.
That’s okay and that’s life. Feeling sad, mad, or off for a day isn’t a big deal. Through Blissful Everyday, will know how to honor your feelings, release your feelings, and get back to your new baseline of bliss quickly without spinning out or numbing out. By the end, you’ll feel less scared of depleting emotional states and know how to fill your cup with renewing emotions every single day.

Part of the magic is in the activation of the group. If you absolutely do not want to do a group container, we can talk about a private option.

Stop reaching for happiness outside yourself .
Start activating bliss from the inside.

Spaces are limited to only 8 people

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