Aug 08 - 12 2024


5:00 pm - 12:00 pm

Embodied Groove® Retreat to Phish Bethel Woods

Embodied Groove® Retreat
@ Phish Bethel Woods
Thur 8/8 – Mon 8/12/24

Tend to your body, mind, and spirit with Dr. Leah Taylor as your guide while rocking out to
3 nights of Phish at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
(site of the original Woodstock festival!)

Return to your life filled & nourished with an overflowing cup, not depleted, drained, or
with the post-show blues!


What’s included:
💃 4 nights accommodation in Rock Hill, NY. This includes the night before so you can settle in
without feeling rushed.

💃 Round trip to and from so you don’t have to worry about anything!

💃 Embodied Groove every day before the show to warm up your physical body and open up
your energetic body for a full night of blissful dancing.

💃 Dinner on Thursday night so you don’t have to worry about food that night.

💃 Nourishing breakfast/brunch options so you can wake up and grab your favorite + coffee/tea
to eat on the deck in the sun or by the stream in the shade.

💃 Pre-retreat virtual meetup to establish connection and rapport with everyone involved.

💃 Post-retreat virtual meetup to reconnect and reminiscence about our incredible weekend so
the positive benefits keep on flowing!

Optional Add-on:
👉 Pre-show field trip Saturday to the Bethel Woods Museum to take in the magic of
Woodstock, I mean we’re there, I think we should!

👉 Spa day on Sunday before the show because this is my favorite way to end a 3-night run.
Your body will thank you so much!

💖 Our own fairy wonderland to ground and center before and after the shows. Water is the
ultimate soother and we have a babbling creek and jacuzzi tub all for us!

💖 Built in community of like-minded women who like to have a good time and care for
themselves at same time.

💖 Jacuzzi spa for Epsom salt foot baths each night after the show and personal soaking as
desired. This is a game-changer, especially for a 3-night run!

💖 Everything taken care of for you – just show up with your tickets!

Who it’s for:
👉 Ladies only. Sorry guys. We love you, but it’s just a different vibe when you’re around. 😉

👉 Phish fans and Phish curious. If you like what you see above, and you identify as female, it is
for you!

Fun fact, the Saturday night show at Bethel will be my 100th Phish show (since 1998) so you if
you are new to Phish you will be well cared for by a seasoned phan. 😊

Not included:
❌ Phish tickets. If you don’t get/have tickets, not to worry. I don’t either. This way we can have
Pavilion seats together.

❌ Transportation to the house from where you live. You just need to get there, then I will be
your personal chauffeur for the weekend.

❌ Dinners Fri – Sun night when we will be at the shows.

Accommodation options and pricing:
Single room with Queen bed – $1250 per person
Triple room 3 singles – $925 per person
Double pull-out in game room (with closed door) – $750 per person

Space is very limited. To secure your spot, email [email protected].

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