Live Your Best Life Every Day, Not Just Show Days!

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An online membership for live music fans ready to prioritize their health and wellness in a fun and authentic way!

You give so much to others. It’s time to give to you.

You have a tendency to put other people and their needs first, which leads to irritability and exhaustion. You used to get by because you always had a concert to look forward to that would fill you up and make you feel whole again.

But then 2020 hit and that plan turned to sh*t. In fact, life turned to sh*t. Without the release and renewal from live music, life turned grey, and life’s demands kept piling up. The irritability and exhaustion crept in and stayed there.

Of course you kept going, because that’s what you do. But you miss the magic in life, the vitality that you feel when you are turned on, and you know now something has to give.

Even with the light of live music returning, you are clear that it is time to set yourself on a path of long-term, all-encompassing wellness that will keep you SHINING through all your days, not just show days.

In April 2020, it became clear that I needed to support live music fans who were missing their medicine. I have received so much from live music and the live music community and that used to be my only lifeline for the joy, positivity and magic I felt in life. 

I used to get comments at shows like “I love your energy” and people would come up to me after songs or during set break and tell me how inspired they were by my dancing. This was the only time I would receive any feedback like this, and it made me take notice. 

I began to get curious about the difference between my show self and my everyday self. In everyday life, I kept to myself and didn’t stand out, because I didn’t want to be noticed. I was worried about what everyone would think, and I was focused on helping everyone else get their needs met. Mine didn’t matter because I knew I was strong, capable, and could always get by. 

I was totally depleted and didn’t fill back up until I was back at a show. Then I would pull from the energy around me, which gave me the vibe that attracted others. I knew it wasn’t me though, it was just a reflection of what I was experiencing. 

As my Sagittarius truth seeker self, I was committed to find out how to turn myself on in everyday life and how to make it come from inside of me

We are all energy anyway, so I learned to manage my energy, how to naturally turn off harmful depleting hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline and how to naturally turn on renewing happy chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. Eventually I began to SHINE from the inside and learned how to sustain it in everyday life. 

The thing is, it’s an everyday focus. It comes naturally now because I made it a habit over the last 10 years. But it is a lifelong process, which is why I knew that to support other people to live their best life every day, not just show days, it needed to be through the ongoing support of a consistent membership. 

That is why I created the SHINE Collective, the first and only online membership for live music fans ready to prioritize their health and wellness in a fun and authentic way. It’s like a mental, emotional, spiritual gym membership that enhances your vibe on the reg so you don’t have to wait till the next show to fill up. 

Of course we will always do live music. That is our medicine. But you don’t need to arrive depleted and exhausted anymore. You don’t need to rely on it as the only thing to turn you on. You can learn to thrive every day. Then the live music experience can blast you into the stratosphere like never before! 

The SHINE Collective Member Journey

I have noticed in my own life and hundreds of people that I have worked with, just like you, that there is a journey that happens. I call it the SHINE Collective member journey and it looks something like this…

The purpose of the SHINE Collective is to help you move through all of these stages and into the Harmonious Hummingbird you were designed to be. This is not a linear path, and we cycle back through stages at different times in our lives. That’s why this is a lifelong process!

We are all Playful Platypuses at shows, following the joy and the pleasure of the moment. But then we get back into real life and go right back into Busy Beaver mode.

I want to help you access to your Playful Platypus all the time. But, also learn to balance the joy, excitement, inspiration, and heart-bursting rainbow laser beams with the ability to be present, grounded, calm, and centered. That is what energy management is all about. Even with all of the high energy positivity, you will eventually burn out because it activates your system.

That’s where the Sophisticated Sloth comes in, because that is where nervous system healing happens and lasting change can occur. I know it is not easy to go from Busy Beaver to Sophisticated Sloth, I have been there!

My personal experience and expert knowledge of mind-body techniques, embodiment, and somatic psychotherapy make me the perfect guide to introduce you to your own Sophisticated Sloth.

And then there is the Harmonious Hummingbird: 

    • Full of vitality and life
    • SHINING from the inside out
    • Able to balance her needs with others
    • Knowing exactly what her special nectar is and where to find it

Join the SHINE Collective today and begin your own journey to 

Long-term, all Encompassing Wellness

What You Receive as a Member of the SHINE Collective:

  • Monthly Masterclass – Focus on Lifestyle Medicine concepts (evidence-based and proven to help you SHINE from the inside out) like stress management, mindfulness, conscious consumption, or movement + other helpful topics such as self-compassion, strengthening your intuition, following pleasure, and setting appropriate boundaries.

  • Simple Mind-Body practices – Learn to use the mind-body connection to naturally change your biology for lasting health! Turn off depleting stress hormones and turn on your natural happy chemicals on a regular basis.
    • Action Steps & Resources – Clear guidance on how to implement the Masterclass and Mind-Body Practices into your life now based on where you are on the SHINE Collective member journey, plus relevant resources to go deeper if you want.
    • Backstage Pass – Get a behind the scenes look at how I (and other members) apply the Masterclass concepts into real life, including dealing with challenges along the way. Raw, honest, and real.
    • Live Practice Calls – Practice is what makes the difference! Weekly practice of simple Mind-Body tools led by Dr. Leah Taylor so you can use them when you really need them in life! Learn the Train Your Brain, Move Your Body, Feed Your Soul philosophy that will fill your cup and your toolbox for any stressful situation you may encounter in life.


    • Community – Connect with a like-minded community that understands you and genuinely wants to support you.


    • Access to all Dr. Leah Taylor’s Offerings – Recorded Embodied Groove™ classes to connect with the live music feels whenever you need inspiration, pleasure, or flow. Groove Therapy podcast recordings and searchable transcripts at your fingertips.
    • Online Connection Circles – Enhance belonging and community support and sink into sacred space to share what is on your heart, held in compassion and openness.
    • Quarterly Events – Mini-retreats designed to reconnect you to Source, realign you with your highest purpose, and release obstacles holding you back. May also include dancing, sparkles, and magic. 😉

    “The SHINE Collective is my group support for embracing my inner sparkle and sorting out what truly serves me.” ~ Carissa 

    About your SHINE expert guide, Dr. Leah Taylor

    Hi, I’m your SHINE expert guide, Dr. Leah Taylor. I started my own journey to radiant health as a Busy Beaver a little over 10 years ago. I was overwhelmed, underfilled, overweight, and overall dissatisfied. I lived for the weekend and I wasn’t present in any of my life. I’ve come a long way and I have dedicated my life to helping others find theirs.

    In addition to my personal experience on this journey and as a life-long live music fan, I have a MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics. I have trained in many somatic techniques in addition to advanced training in movement and embodiment. I have a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine and currently practice as an Integrative Mental Health Specialist where I teach chronic pain patients how to care for themselves through Mind-Body techniques such as Mindfulness, Movement, Energy Medicine, Heart-Rate Variability training, and Mindset so that they can live their best lives despite chronic pain. 

    If they can do it, you can too!

    I have worked with individuals and groups in hospitals, Integrative Cancer Centers, and Clinics. I know how to serve the whole person and I do so with presence and intention. 

    I’m passionate about helping you discover medicine that doesn’t come from a pill. One of my favorite forms of medicine is the live music experience. I research this, teach a live music dance experience called Embodied Groove™, and co-host a podcast called Groove Therapy focused on connecting health & wellness with the live music experience on Osiris pod.

    What current members are saying about the SHINE Collective:

    “The SHINE collective has given me tools to assess my needs independently of the world around me and has given me the opportunity to slow down and take what I need.” ~ Carissa 

    “I love the videos and prompts. I found that Leah’s recommendations are aligning and supporting me as I continue on my journey. It is reaffirming as well as fun.” ~ Kim

    “2021 has proven to be more stressful than 2020 so far. I have been able to call on many skills I have learned and practiced. Practice is the key because they need to come naturally when you really need it. One small example is I recently had an MRI. They are difficult enough but to go in one with a mask on was suffocating and produced full blown panic. I never gave the mask any thought because I wear one at work for 12 hours at a time. The combo though – terrifying. Thankfully I was able to place my hand on my heart and work through it. I also use the ALGE method a lot.” ~ Shawn 

    “Through the Shine Collective, I’ve found inspiration, motivation, tools and support to create a healthy morning routine for myself. Each day is a little different but may include: positive affirmations, gratitude reflections, yoga, meditation, walking my dog, listening to music, connecting with nature, a nutritious meal. Incorporating these into most of my mornings makes a positive impact on the tone of the rest of my day and allows me to be more present within and to those around me.” ~ Stacey 

    Join the revolutionary program that is helping live music fans find balance in the day to day and on a path to long-term, all-encompassing wellness.

    “The SHINE Collective is a group of caring souls who are looking to better the world by taking care of themselves. We practice different ways to put on our oxygen masks that are easy to take into everyday life. It feels like a no-pressure community that makes taking care of myself easier than I thought it could be.”  ~ E.P., SHINE Member 


    It sounds great, but what if I don’t have time? I know you are busy. This membership is created so that you can easily apply the techniques in your life to make a difference now. The practice sessions will have the most impact because that is what creates lasting change and gives you access to the tools when you need them. If you only attend these, it is a 15-minute commitment once a week. If you can take 15-minutes a week, you will experience progress.

    Why do you include all of this other stuff if the live practices are all that I need? I want to give you all that you need to live a healthy, balanced life every day. It is important to know the what, why, and how so I provide all of that in the membership plus the opportunity to be with other fans just like you on their own journey. But you do not need to watch, learn, or attend everything. Think of it like a festival. Pick your favorite, add it to your schedule, and make it a priority unless something else just as amazing comes along.
    Here’s a little secret… most of this is about the commitment to yourself. Once you open that door, you will be amazed at all the awesomeness that shows up!

    I’m not good in groups. Do I have to attend the live meetings? No. You are not required to attend anything. You can still benefit by watching the Masterclass videos and practicing on your own. But I would encourage you to take advantage of the support and energy of the group. Just like a flock of birds, we gain velocity from the group. Birds of a feather flock together. ☺

    Why are you only focused on live music fans? This seems like it could be good for everyone! That is true. But, as live music fans, we lead a different type of lifestyle. We know magic. We know love, devotion, surrender, and what is really important in life. You are who I want to share my knowledge and presence with!

    It’s like an online mental, emotional, spiritual gym membership that enhances your vibe on the reg so you don’t have to wait to fill up, all for the price of a show a month! Surrounded by other fans with the same priorities as you and supported by an Integrative Mental Health Specialist to guide you every step of the way.

    What are you waiting for? It is you time to SHINE.