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Ready to feel at home in your body, inspired by life, and confident you can navigate anything that comes your way? Welcome! You’re in the right place.

Is this you?

  • You desire more. You know there is more to life than what you are living and you’re ready for a guide to show you the way.
  • You’re interested in holistic forms of health and the power of the mind-body connection
  • You’re a spiritual person and you want to connect with that side of yourself more
  • Your brain is your biggest asset, but you don’t know how to turn it off
  • You’ve read the books, watched the videos, and bought “the things”… but nothing changes.


  • Ease and flow as standard. No more sleepless nights, energy leaks, constant overthinking, and debilitating anxiety.
  • Radiance and vitality as your vibe. You shine from the inside out and source your energy from within.
  • You know exactly what you need and you give it to yourself daily.
  • You have unwavering trust in yourself and your connection to Source.

Feel, Heal, Elevate Through the Power of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

90-min RE-BOOT Nervous System Healing Session

This one-time individual session is perfect for a quick re-alignment of your nervous system from the constant stress of the outside world and anxious thoughts. You can expect an activation of your body’s natural healing response to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain and enhance sleep, immunity, and mood.

Get Out of Your Head And Into Your Body

Embodied Groove

The Live Experience

Embodied Groove is a movement class with improvised live music created in the moment. It is truly a co-created experience that is different each time. It was created by Dr. Leah Taylor and designed to enhance mindfulness, integrate mind-body-spirit, help you release stress and somatically held trauma, and connect you to pleasurable ways of moving your body. All ages, movement levels and abilities welcome.

Hi! I’m Dr. Leah Taylor.

I could use many titles to describe myself, Integrative Mental Health Specialist, Healer, Embodiment Mentor, Integrative Wellness Coach…

Honestly, none of these titles really matter. What counts is that through my Master’s in Somatic Psychology, advanced training in embodiment, and PhD in Mind-Body Medicine and Integrative Mental Health, I have learned tools and strategies to help you to feel, heal, and elevate so you can shine bright on your own terms without regrets.

In our work together, I combine ancient healing arts with cutting-edge science on neuroplasticity, epigenetics, nervous system regulation, and the mind-body-spirit connection to activate your body’s internal healing systems and remind you of medicine that doesn’t come from a pill.

I have worked and trained in hospitals, integrative clinics, counseling centers, and schools. What I learned in most of them is that our biomedical system doesn’t know how to help people heal past traumas, integrate positive and transformative experiences, or set up intuitive systems of self-care that work for your busy lifestyle.

Luckily, through putting my tools to work and my own healing and self-discovery, I have found a way for thriving in life and I know how to help others find their own unique way.

I am here to show you how.

“Leah is a very talented leader in the mind-body field. I’ve enjoyed both her movement classes and taken her Heart-Math course, and both have made a lasting impression in my life. She makes movement and embodiment fun, easy to follow—and I always feel grounded, calm and energized after my work with her!”

–Anne Marie Praetzel, Graphic Designer

Receive Your Free Guided Meditation

Use this 14-minute meditation to connect to ease, flow, joy, and vitality

“Leah’s workshop was fun and most importantly life-changing for me. it was just the exercise that needed to let my stifled creativity loose and light a path that wasn’t clear to me before that day. When I signed up, I felt lost in the midst of a life transition. I knew I needed to find my way and do something but didn’t know what. I had zero clarity, just a hunch. Today, I know exactly what I want to do, and I have faith that the Universe is here to support and provide for me.”

–Melanie Mummert, Finance and Accounting Consultant

Groove Therapy Podcast

The premier podcast exploring the intersection between live music and health and wellness. Presented by health experts Dr. Leah Taylor and Taraleigh Weathers in partnership with Osiris Media. Featuring musicians such as Zach Gill, Peter Anspach, Adam Deitch, Hayley Jane, Keller Williams, and more!


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Receive Your Free Guided Meditation

Use this 14-minute meditation to connect to ease, flow, joy, and vitality.

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