Jan 14 2019


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Embodied Groove Pop-Up

Get Your Circles Around the Sun Pre-game on with Embodied Groove!

Embodied Groove is a 45-minute lightly led movement class that helps people receive the most benefit from live music. Created as a way to enhance free, euphoric joy through live music, Dr. Leah Taylor is on a mission to help increase the good vibes at every show. With Leah’s easy-going manner and expert guidance, you may never experience live music the same again!

What to expect:
A welcome with flash tattoos and decorative bling to adorn your beautiful self! Intention setting to blast the evening off comes next followed by a movement warm-up, groove, and cool down. We can all make the 5 min walk to the venue shortly after doors.

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