Sep 01 - 03 2017

Deep Dive Retreat

Are you a woman Phish fan looking to deepen your experience with yourself and others while using the backdrop of your favorite music as a catalyst for sustained well-being and vitality? Are you a woman open to new experiences, adventures, and ready to take advantage of all the awesomeness that life has to offer? If you resonate with either of these, read on!

Picture this, the setting is Phish at Dick’s in Colorado for Labor Day weekend. You are surrounded by an intimate group of like-minded women coming together to experience some of the most amazing live music produced today. You have arrived clear in your intentions of your ultimate show experience and ready to manifest the magic available to you in this heightened environment. You are supported by fellow sisters as you all go out to express yourselves and your unique aliveness. You have a home base that includes comfortable shared accommodations, plenty of bathrooms for dolling your beautiful self up, a hot tub to soothe your gorgeous muscles, a private backyard where you will be led through daily yoga and movement, healthy breakfast options and snacks to nourish your body before and after shows, and plenty of space to have your own experience or connect with others that are also committed to taking their live music experience to the next level.

This is for a very small number of ladies that are ready to take their live music experience to the next level, or ladies that are open to new experiences and adventure and want to bring more passion, vitality, and well-being in their lives. Live music, travel, and sacred community are all catalysts for transformational experiences and I am ready to help you get the most out of this opportunity!

What is included –
Pre virtual meetup to get to know each other and establish connection and community.
Easy and fun exercises to prepare you for awesomeness and magic.
3 nights shared accommodations in Denver with other fabulous Phish ladies just like you.
Healthy and delicious breakfast and snack options to nourish your luscious body.
Our own private hot tub for soothing those dancing muscles.
Embodied Groove sessions on Sat and Sun in our private backyard.
Intention setting and guided visualization daily to ground and help you manifest your desires.
Plenty of time and space to have your own show experience and down time during the day.
Post virtual meetup to debrief and integrate the experience and share how the magic translates into daily life.
More easy and fun exercises to bring the experience home and help with post show blues.

The only requirements are you are a woman looking for the type of experience described above. There are no rules other than you must be committed to caring for your own self and be respectful of others. If you don’t have tickets yet, no worries, I gotcha covered!

This may be for you if:
You have a desire to deepen your experience and connection to live music.
You want to experience Phish at Dick’s in a supportive, nourishing home base with like-minded women.
You are ready to create more magic in your life.
Your whole being is screaming YES as you read this.

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