Embodied Groove - Dr. Leah Taylor

I created Embodied Groove as a way to help others consciously connect to the healing power of live music and movement. 

Moving to live music has been one of the most transformative and healing practices (aka lifestyle medicine) for me in my adult life. Being at a show in the flow of the music, allowing my body to be moved is one of my favorite things ever!

When this is happening to me (or you!) our body is releasing happy hormones like endorphins, dopamine, endocannabinoids, oxytocin, and serotonin. This mix of hormones is what boosts our mood and elevates our energy, and best of all, it’s all natural, no negative side effects! Just positive change that can turn into lasting results if you keep it up.

Freeing & Fun!

Leah’s guidance was non-invasive, gentle, and warm. It allowed people to experience the movement of their bodies in an environment that lacked judgment, was freeing, and fun!

Kimmie Jones, Fan

Palpable Effect!

I have to say the effect of the embodied groove set was palpable from the moment we got on stage. It felt like the crowd was fully locked in and engaged with the music.

P. Sawyer, Brightshine

Melding Music & More!

My experience with Leah’s Embodied Groove was really positive. It took me from a mundane morning of plotting and planning into a blissful state of “living in the moment.”

D.”Lebo” Lebowitz, ALO

Make it part of my life!

Dancing is one of the best ways I know for aligning mind, body and spirit. Embodied Groove takes this concept to the next level by combing structure and focus with flow, movement and deep listening.

Z.Gill, ALO & J. Johnson

Grounded and Recha..

I found my body waking up and transitioning to playful rhythmic movement and eventual full on communal dance party with any remaining hesitations or residual self-consciousness dissolved.

Ezra Lipp, ALO & MITO

A Deep & Rich Experience

With steady and grounded direction, Leah guides participants to experience movement and the body in ways that lift the spirit and brings peace and gratitude to the soul.

Marcy Irene Jenkins, Fan

Which is where Embodied Groove comes in. I know not everyone is comfortable opening up and moving freely to live music. But, we all know how to do it, in fact we are born moving this way. As we move through life though, we are taught “don’t show that in public!” or “you can’t dance” or we think “what will other people think?” Well luckily when we can tap into flow, through our own dance or with the help of a professional musician, those parts of our brains will quiet down and we can allow the movement to take over. But, sometimes we need a little help. 

In the beginning, I used substances to allow me to loosen up and open to the flow, to get me out of my head and into my body. But, over time as I completed a Masters in Somatic Counseling, a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine and completed my own in depth embodiment work plus teaching Nia, a mind-body-spirit movement practice for over ten years, I found ways to open myself up to the music and receive the medicine without having to be intoxicated to get there. All of this training and personal work is what led to the creation of Embodied Groove. 

Embodied Groove is two-fold: 

As a Live Music Movement Warm-up 

To help fans Connect to a deep embodied sense through the power of live music

Embodied Groove was created by combining my education on the mind-body connection, embodiment, mindfulness, consciousness, the power of positive emotions, and training as a Nia dance instructor with my passion, love, and depth of experiencing moving freely to live music. 

It’s good for your health! Moving to music releases happy chemicals into your body including dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and endocannabinoids. This is your body’s natural pharmacy ready to be accessed – lifestyle medicine. 

An Embodied Groove class or experience is an opportunity to access your body’s own natural pharmacy to experience bliss, joy, happiness, and connection! The more times you access this the more likely it will become your natural emotional state. 

Consider it a mental/emotional health practice that translates into radiant physical health too! Plus, it is FUN and fun is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adding a joy practice to your life will help to combat depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Dance can help decrease inflammation (a major contributor to all chronic disease) and rewire your brain, creating lasting positive change and radiant health from the inside out. Embodied Groove is designed specifically for live music fans by a live music fan with a doctorate in mind-body medicine. I have taken all of my training and personal experience to create a practice that partners with our bodies’ own natural pharmacies to create lasting positive change.


Embodied Groove Classes

Join us before a live music performance or at a festival to warm-up your body, open your heart, and get ready to create magic with your favorite live music artists. The Embodied Groove class is a loose form of interpretive dance to interpretive music. It is created in the moment and the movers guide the experience. It follows the natural arc of other conscious dance practices with a warm-up, peak, and cool-down. The focus is on participation because we all know that is where the magic flows!

Embodied Groove Experiences

This is a whole Experience centered around the Embodied Groove aspects of Mindfulness, Movement, and Emotional Expression to enhance healing and growth. Just like a wave, Experiences start with a dose of improvisational music inspired by movement to get everyone warmed up, then lead into a huge set of uplifting live music where audience participation is highly encouraged. We end by bringing it down and back together again with a short mindful meditation to help encode all of the positivity for sustained healing and growth. 

Join the Embodied Groove Movement

It is a new concept in this delivery, but participation in music, dance, and song has been happening since the beginning of time. Many people have forgotten how to allow it to occur naturally. In our modern day lives, we have become rigid and stuck. Let’s help to liberate and heal others so that we can liberate and heal our world. Health and well-being starts within. I hope you will join us!