Hi! I’m Leah

Hi! I’m Leah

I teach, research, and speak about movement, mindfulness, and live music as medicine to support you in living your most authentic, connected, and vibrant life.

These are the three mind-body practices that completely changed my life for the better and continue to help me navigate life as gracefully as possible. 

Secretly, I think they can help heal the world. 

When we heal ourselves, we begin to heal the world around us. That’s just the way it works. It starts within.

WHO am I?

I’m a passionate, dynamic, and unconventional academic who’s chosen her own unique path to be of service in this lifetime. This quest has taken me from the sweaty dance floor of live music having my whole being taken and broken open to the Academic halls of University, getting my Masters in Somatic Psychology and Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine to put language to an experience I am inherently drawn to and have witnessed many others transformed by. 

Live music is our church, our religion, and our integrative practice for health and healing. 

I am my most free authentic self at live music, out of my incessant monkey mind, fully in my body, connected to myself and everything around me. 

My extensive training in somatics, embodiment, movement, and mind-body medicine has given me practices outside of live music that supports my total health and wellbeing and deepen my live music experiences. 

Now I get to teach them to you. 

I want you to feel free to express your joy, bliss, gratitude, connection, and surrender in whatever way moves you.

When you can feel it at live music, you can feel it out in life. 

WHAT do you do?

As a dynamic being, I thrive on serving in multiple ways. I am a teacher, healer, and researcher. 

I work with live music fans ready to uplevel their concert experiences and life by weaving deep presence and intuition with cutting-edge information on Mind-Body Medicine, Integrative Health, and Lifestyle Medicine to support you in being your highest and brightest self. 

I inspire and guide live music fans to ride the wave of sound, embodying your own unique groove as you embody the groove of the music washing through you in my Embodied Groove interactive movement experience. 

I research, talk, and write about the experience of live music and how it relates to well-being in the Groove Therapy podcast on Osiris Media and through my blog. 

WHERE do I do it?

Live Embodied Groove events happen primarily around the Bay Area at local concert venues and festivals. But, national events are in the works, including retreats centered around live music. 

I also work in small groups and 1:1 with clients virtually.

WHY do I do it?

This is what I was put on this Earth to do. Everything in my life has led me to this point. I have combined my passions for healing, embodiment, health & wellness, live music, and spirituality in a way that feeds all aspects of myself and provides benefits to others. 

My mission and purpose in life are to help as many people experience and feel LOVE so they can FEEL, HEAL, and ELEVATE. That is what all my service stems from. 

Our present biomedical model of medicine has failed us in many ways. It is time to return to the ancient healing practices of live music, movement, and mindfulness that connect and inspire us. 

As an Integrative Mental Health specialist, I blend my personal experience with these three tools informed by research and knowledge from fields such as integrative health, mind-body medicine, lifestyle medicine, epigenetics, neuroscience, somatic psychology, positive psychology, and energy medicine to help usher us into a new phase of evolution.

HOW to connect with me?

If you love to move to live music or have always secretly wanted to find freedom and surrender on the dance floor but don’t know how, check out Embodied Groove.

If you’re curious about the positive aspects of live music and its effects on your body, brain, and health, check out the Groove Therapy podcast.

If you’re ready to uplevel your live music experience and bring more presence, consciousness, and joy into your life, schedule a complementary 20 min discovery call with me.

If any of the above apply, grab your very own 5 Ways Live Music is More than Just a Party (freebie) and stay connected through my email newsletter.